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How do I earn money on my own website?

It is estimated that the online businessman, blogger and podcaster Pat Flynn earns $50,000 a month. How? Blogging. He published an e-book. Record podcasts. Although it may seem that he has managed to realize the unattainable "American dream", similar examples do not need to be searched for a long time. Hundreds of thousands of zlotys for the campaign, several thousand zlotys for one fast from one advertiser. In Poland. No wonder, then, that the prospect of making money to run a website is so powerful. But how do you approach this in order to achieve success?
If you have something worth sharing, if you have something that could potentially improve someone's life - you have to go out to people and share it "- more or less this message has been conveyed to Pat's novice bloggers by Micha? Szafranski, the author of the cult among Internet users Asszczedzpieniadze. pl, participating in the podcast by Michal Szafraski. This is the way to reach people and share your own personal content with them, so you can earn money on a regular basis.

How much can you earn on a blog or website?

The salaries of bloggers are a subject that does not lose their blush. At one time, the amounts earned by sapphires even found their way to Pudelka: it's no wonder since these amounts are e. g. PLN 12,000 per post on the website. PLN 16,000 for a contest for readers and PLN 15,000 for advertising on YouTube. Of course, this is the income of mature and recognizable blogs, and what does it look like at the beginning?

The author of the stylization and inspiration. blogspot. com can boast the action on a fan page on Facebook, thanks to which she earned 2977.80 zlotys. In month. One deliberate action generated 10 635 clicks of internet users. But this score was scored almost five times by another popular fashion blogger, Mr. Vintage. His entry on the blog generated 50 003 entries to the advertiser's website. Mr Vintage's official earnings were not disclosed. Loose estimates suggest that out of 390 transactions, it could be about PLN 7300. Can? You can.

Fig. An example of fasting with fan page Stylizations Inspirations with original styling
(link is an affiliate link and redirects you to a category with boots on a popular fashion store)

Little? Let us look at the financial blogosphere. Michal Szafralki openly admitted that in eight days he earned 69,295 zlotys on his blog. In turn another campaign was to result in a profit of over 110 thousand zlotys. Have you already heard the rustling of banknotes? Now let's focus on how to make money from blogs, websites and advertisements.

How to earn money?

A requirement for this is a stable level of user traffic on the website, an active community and engaging content. That is the absolute minimum. Further action is needed:

First: affiliate marketing. In this way, you can earn money by providing traffic to the advertiser's website through e. g. banners on the site or links to the content of the article referring to the context, or by mailing with an encouraging content sent to your own address base, you can also provide advertising content. Or just like Mr. Vintage deliver a confirmed sale. In this case it is 390 transactions in a popular e-commerce platform.

How to earn money on affiliate marketing?

    Deliver traffic to the advertiser's website (model cost per click, CPC - billing for each correctly generated click).
        Examples of campaigns and rates:
  •         Renault B2B (PLN 0.60 per click),
  •         Warka (0.25 z? per click),
  •         Telepizza (0.28 z? per click),
  •         In the opinion (0.53 z? per click),
  •         Sympatia. pl (0,35 z? per click).
    Generate contact leases (model cost per lead, CPL - settlement for each correctly generated lying).
        Examples of campaigns and rates:
  •         Nivea Men Sensitive (3.50 PLN CPL),
  •         Reebok (3 PLN CPL),
  •         DanOne (3.50 PLN CPL),
  •         Gaspol (PLN 27 PLN CPL),
  •         HFT Brokers (30 PLN CPL),
  •         Eurobank (PLN 8.50 PLN CPL)
  •         Revenuehits review (CPM, CPA, CPL up to 100PLN per conversion)

    Deliver confirmed sales (cost per sale models, CPS - settlement in the form of a fixed percentage/amount per sale; cost per order, CPO - settlement in the form of a fixed amount for placing an order).
        Examples of campaigns and rates:
  •         Nju (32.50 PLN for ordering the offer of Nju with account),
  •         Hapi Loans (PLN 250 for sale of a loan),
  •         Mango teleshopping (PLN 32 for order),
  •         Wonga. com (PLN 100 for the first loan),
  •         NN Investment Partners TFI (PLN 165 for establishing IKE or IKZE contacts).

    Perform other types of actions, such as full registration in the advertiser's website (cost per action, CPA - settlement for each correctly counted action, depending on the definition of what will be an action).
        Examples of campaigns and rates:
  •         Booking. com (PLN 35 for booking made and confirmed),
  •         Neostrada (82 PLN for acquiring a new client and 58 PLN for maintenance),
  •         Kinder Country (5.50 PLN for each unique entry),
  •         Banknot. pl (150 zlotys for the following period
 Affiliate marketing is the way for those who are experts in a plot of land and are able to establish relationships with customers. Those who know their readers perfectly well and know what activities will bring profits. And they want to decide for themselves how to make money on the blog. Here, however, a lot depends on the artist's commitment. Valuable content, detailed analyses and recommendations do not happen by themselves. Even if the author has a proverbial lightweight pen.

Secondly: Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and Google Display Network (GDN). Under these - for some of us - mysterious terms are common features. Auction model of purchasing advertising space.

In both cases this means that advertisers bid (real-time) in real time, whose advertisement will be displayed. This happens automatically, and the systems choose those advertisers who will offer an appropriate rate for displaying an advertisement according to the requirements.

To be part of the RTB ecosystem from the publisher's side, you must register with one of the so called supply-side platforms, Appnexus, Admeta, Adexon, iBillboard, and to join Google's advertising network, you must register directly at

How much can you earn on the website in this way? It depends on that. Among other things, from the profile of service users, and this is closely related to the quality of content. Interesting, professional or engaging content attracts more profiled users. How much you can earn depends also on quantitative indicators, i. e. the number of visits to the site, the number of clicks on the advertisement, the number of page views, unique users, etc.

Publishers in RTB may set the minimum rate at which a given area will be auctioned (so-called price floor). Larger services and more profiled services, which also have a stronger bargaining position, may be tempted to use the so-called "private dealers", i. e. to offer a certain part of their space as a Premium offer in the RTB ecosystem. This surface is usually more expensive.

The auction system can therefore be instructed to the owners of websites who prefer to rely on automation. Of course, you should not exaggerate and hang your own side with banners like a Christmas tree. Internet users have already learned to effectively ignore such advertisements.

How do I take care of the content on the website - this standard and advertising?

The growing interest in content marketing is clearly visible. For the sake of a complete picture, it is worthwhile here to reach for one of the most accurate definitions of this species, which so far has been formulated by anyone. At least in our view.

Content marketing is the opposite of advertising. It's about engaging customers in what they really want, in a way that serves your brand's goals and ideals, rather than pushing your logo to get just a fraction of their interest. It is to win exactly the kind of customers you are looking for instead of an indefinite group of people. It is to provide the recipients with a desired experience that will help them - not to distract them from what they have come to you. In short, content marketing is an evolutionary product of advertising itself, which is something more effective, more efficient and much less rejecting,"said Keith Blanchard from US marketing company Story Worldwide.

So it is the author's materials - inspiring, useful and trustworthy - that are better suited to the goals of the brands than traditional advertising banners. And they are certainly more responsive to the needs.

Let's come back here to Micha? Szafra?ski and his analysis, which put him in his wallet about PLN 69,000. This was not an advertising product description. Szafra?ski did not write that a given position "is the best one, because yes". This was a detailed, substantive analysis. First he himself contacted the rules and then tested the product in practice. He set up a place, and on the blog he gave specific enumerations. He also included an Excel spreadsheet for downloading - an effective interest rate calculator for the bonus deposit. Above that, he placed a link leading straight to the form. Which filling resulted in opening a deposit.

Summing up: Szafraski is an undisputed expert. He described one of the available products on his blog. The result? 1153 new deposits. They are people who have passed on to the website of a financial institution from Szafraski's blog and have opened deposits. In 8 days.

How to prepare good content specifically for advertising?

Would you like to create good content for the advertiser? Cancel your winners. They are unbelievable, they instantly arouse suspicion and reluctance. Content marketing requires objectivity and objectivity from the creator. A proven form of content in which you can, for example, sew affiliate link (such as Michal Szafraski) are your own product rankings, reviews and analyses, dedicated sections/cycles and guides.

While taking care of your normal content, published not as part of the activities for advertisers, also work on its form, diversify it. Sometimes, for example, instead of a standard article, you can create an e-book to give users a handful of practical information. You can use ad network to monetize your blog, the best one is Revenuehits: